Side gusseted quadro bags are are in our stocks all the time

We are offering metal band tape closures to re-close flat bottom pouches. This way consumers can use the wide openning of the pouch. The metal tape has a memory therefore after a few foldovers the pouch will be closed. This is an optional feature therefore you won't be paying it if you don't need it.

Here are the material combinations of our stocks

  • Black colour printed, aluminium laminated quad seal bag

Our standard sizes;

  • 120mm x 300mm + 30mm (500gr)*
  • 135mm x 400mm + 45mm (1.000gr)


Note: Inter Plastik reserves the right to change the sizes or materials without prior notice. Please contact us for the most current stocks.

*The weights given above are for average coffee beans. It may differ from product to product. It is only informative.

quadro bag for coffee 1 kg